Red Power Shawl

Red Power Shawl


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This piece holds the energy of Fierce energy!

Pulling in the energies of Kali, Baba Yaga, Medusa, and Mary Magdalene…

Pulling it off the loom during the new/dark moon today also feels fitting for this powerful piece, as I lull it off today/Sept 25th, 2022.

As I was working on it this week the news came in about the killing of Magda Amini for having a bit of her hair showing I felt my own rage and was literally seeing “Red”.

I channeled that anger into prayers of protection and healing for my global sisters and pulled out my most first red yarns including a deep red shimmery one that looks like fire was caught within it.?

Next came Medusa with her hair of serpents represented by hanging bits of wool and inspired by the last clients shawl where Medusa was a big part of her story.

This piece is for all femme folks and hold the colour of red as a colour of protection, love giving power and strength!

Close to the end of my weaving I felt called to add a little sigil that is a cross between baba Yaga chicken foot and the rune for protection Algiz.

You will see it there, holding power and hiding in plain sight…

This piece is pure protective energy. I also added in a bone shawl pin with a scull as a nod to these archetypal goddess as well as the ancestors.