The Tradition of Healers

and Mystics

Rewilding Your Mystic Heart...

This is an in person spiritual apprenticeship rooted in stepping into ourselves as healers and mystics as we discover our unique destiny path...

We begin with a foundation of journeywork, ancestral work and healing.

We deepen our work with an even stronger Ancestral foundation by clearing lines on both sides of our family.

We dive into a final year of mastery with advanced healing techniques taught

If you feel called to explore your path on a deeper level as a healer, ceremonialist, or mystic, then this might be a fit for you.

This three year intensive training is designed to move us out of our ego and set us on the path of working with others in the capacity that our ancestors have called us into.

This requires us to listen deeply and ask questions so that we know that we are standing in integrity and walking an ethical path.

This means letting go of any ego attachments we might have to labels or ideas that somehow this kind of work is special, or better than other kinds of work out of the way so that we can be strong containers for others.




This offering is currently not open to new apprentices. If you are interested in learning when I open my doors to new intakes, please receive my newsletter where you'll get updates about this and other offerings from Nikiah Seeds.