Ancestral Healing Sessions

Many of us already have a feeling, may suspect, or can even can pinpoint certain patterns, issues and concerns that have been handed down through our family line, often for generations.

Imagine healing these patterns.


Our ancestors are more connected to us than we may think, and they play an important role in what we are handed down  from family member to family member, both the good and the not so great.


For most of us, many of our ancestors also encountered hardships and emotional trauma that never got resolved before they died and as a result were passed down from generation to generation, and these patterns can often feel like a curse.


 From a spiritual standpoint any unresolved trauma in our ancestral family line creates energetic patterns that in turn can create roadblocks and patterns in our lives today, oftentimes stopping our connection to joy, abundance, our own authentic power, and understanding of why we are here.


How do I know if I need Ancestral healing?

In these one on one sessions we will explore some of the ancestral patterns that may be coming up through your family line and I will work in the unseen realm for healing on your behalf.

Some questions to sit with:

~ You don’t feel like you belong in your family, or have always carried a feeling of disconnection.

~ Your family often tells stories of how the family is "cursed" or how all the men in this family die young, or all the women are alcoholic etc....

~ Seeing patterns that are extremely obvious that run down your family line and affect your life. You feel the burden of those who came before you.

~ Feeling that you are not sure some thoughts or feelings are your own, and that keep coming up, regardless of how much personal work you do. A feeling of being stuck in your life.

~ Family members who blame everyone else continuously without ever wondering why or being able, regardless of the cost to self reflect.

You may Be Looking for Guidance with:

~Finding closure with a dead loved one

~Understanding yourself with regards to your family line, or adopted family. I am able to work with both lines.


When we have an ancestor from our past that needs healing they hang on energetically to our family line causing us to have a harder time letting go of things that no longer serve us, and leaving us with feelings like we are stuck, or we may notice that we repeat the same patterns over and over, knowing that this is causing us pain, but feeling like there is no way out.

I have come to understand that ancestral healing is extremely beneficial for most people because when we release and heal these ancestral patterns and collapse them, any blockages we have in our lives clear and heal, and this in turn clears the way for our children and future descendants.

Ancestral investment is $225.00


Nikiah is very experienced and skilled in many types of spirit work and I have had the privilege to work with her many times over the years. Doing ancestral healing work with her was life changing for me and was essential to my process.

Despite years of effort, I felt blocked in an area of my life. Ancestral healing explained what was happening and helped resolve some key family lineage issues and patterns. And just 3 weeks after the session I started noticing big changes right away.

And now, a year later, everything is different! I feel relieved that I am no longer struggling with that issue and I would absolutely do ancestral healing again. I’m so grateful to Nikiah for her deep caring, generosity, expertise, and most of all her compassion, strength, clarity, and perseverance when dealing with challenging ancestral situations. I trust her integrity and am grateful to have her in my life. I highly recommend her and recommend ancestral healing.

— Kathleen Sun

Nikiah’s guidance has been paramount for me in the ancestral healing work that I’ve sought to explore and integrate over the last few years. Her kind, loving, wise, and practiced approach allowed me to unlock and deepen connections with well ancestors, and honour those who needed care in their life, and now. These connections have provided me and my family with relational healing and a deepening of our ancestry. An experience of support that I highly recommend.



The journey work I'm learning with Nikiah is like the cheesecake after a long time without have had it...nourishing, divine, delicious!  Always challenging, this work brings a lot of joy into my life and helps me sort through daily life's ups and downs on another paradigm.

Nikiah holds a very powerful and high integrity space in all of her offerings. I have had the great gift of receiving ancestral healing from Nikiah- it has been life changing in all the ways that I didn't believe possible. She is also true artist. The custom 'storytellers shawl' she channeled for me is one of my most prized possessions. It truly came through her from the Spirit Realm and holds countless threads of magic.

— Jenny

What does an ancestral healing session look like?

At this time all sessions are via Zoom.

We will begin by taking some time to get to know one another and I will ask you a series of questions as I seek to get to know your ancestral lineage better.

If you were adopted I am still able to do this work, not to worry.

When we do an ancestral healing, I journey with the aid of my guides and seek to discover where these ancestral patterns are occurring in your family line and where healing is needed.

Working with my guides we track to find the cause of the original ancestor and the pattern that has become pervasive in your family line, and together we then work together to make sure that this ancestor who had not crossed over go to the collective of ancestors on the other side and then collapse this pattern, taking it down through all generations, backwards and forward to yourself and your descendants, creating healing, and stopping the negative pattern.

After the work has been done there is often a ritual or ceremony that is required for the completion of the work, and this piece is an important aspect of the healing, as we take responsibility for our ancestors and work to heal them.

For some it can be helpful to continue the work as they wish to deepen their understanding of working with helping ancestors and possibly moving into lineage clearing, in which case a four hour session might be the best choice.