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Custom Sacred Weavings that tell the story of your Life

~ Custom pieces made uniquely for you ~


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I make unique hand woven pieces for folks to reclaim who they are, express their creative side, honour their ancestors or an animal ally that they work with in their spiritual practise.

 From storyteller cloaks, to ancestral shawls and altar cloths. From animal essence pieces such as the fox, bear, heron or wolf, my weavings are designed to encompass magic, and protection, comfort and warmth.

All my pieces are hand woven with your unique spiritual practices and being in mind, and are created to reflect aspects of that path and who you are.

Together we will dive into a creative process to create a custom piece to last a lifetime.


I have always had a deep love for textiles, unique patterns, and old pieces that have been handed down over the centuries. So it was a great joy for me to realize that these things could so easily come together within the context of weaving.

My style is very much inspired the Japanese tradition of Saori weaving, which is Sai meaning "Everything has its own unique beauty" and Ori which means "Weaving".

​The idea being that when you weave from the heart, each piece is unique, and flaws are embraced as a sign of beauty adding to the texture and uniqueness of the piece.

When we receive a weaving that was made by hand and not a machine we are engaging with the creative aspect of the art, and there is a deeper more inherent respect given to the piece, something that feels more interconnected and living.

It is my hope by bringing back this old practise I can create sacred pieces that will last a lifetime and hold more meaning then something bought at a store, created by a machine.


Custom, Hand woven, Sacred.

These pieces are a journey that you are I will take together that involves not just the creation of a Shawl, Altar cloth, Ancestral piece or Storyteller cloak, but a sacred piece that that holds the essence of your own unique being.

Using wools and natural fibres that carry the ancestral memory of where you come from, together we will enter into a time of liminal space as we speak of the matters that reside deepest in your heart.


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One of my most favorite examples is the "Seaweed Shawl" I made for a sister whose unique calling is in the herbal and medicinal realm of seaweed as sacred medicine for women. Read about it here. 

Ancestral Weaving-The creation of a sacred medicine shawl for a Seaweed Selkie Woman…

It was not that long ago I brought my first small loom home and marvelled at how long it took me to be ready to learn the ancient craft of my ancestors. Mostly it had to do with patience and timing, as right now I am at a time in my life where our children…


 The Process:


Within the container of process I bring all of my being to the table, my creativity, connection to the land, my ancestors and my ability to walk between worlds to see more clearly what is being asked for, unique to you as a being.

The process will begin with a deposit of $200 that will include an in depth consultation in which I can learn about you, who your ancestors are and the uniqueness that is you and this also goes towards the final cost of the piece you choose.

Together we will speak of matters close to the heart and what you are imagining for your sacred piece. We will then shift into talk of colour palette, sacred additions such as feathers and shells, length and style.

After this I will give you a full quote on the price--which will include the deposit you have already paid.

Once we begin the process I am all in, and will begin gathering textiles, plant medicines, earth element dyes, unique fibres and colours for the project, also during this time if you yourself have fibres or other sacred things that you would like woven in you can mail them to me.

During this time I like to use WhatsApp so we can communicate easily and I can send you images of yarns and shots of the process as I weave.

I am also a spinner and often will spin specific colours or fibres together so that your unique intention is woven in, this process is never the same twice and entirely unique to you.

Some examples are: Horse hair, strips of old quilts or clothing that was handed down and loved, any fibre you made yourself or has significant meaning for you, or charms you would like woven in or tied on after etc....

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I believe that when we get out of the way of planning our lives the magic begins to unfold. That was what happened after waiting years for my Priestess teacher to show up. I found the Red Moon Mystery School in the middle of the night in 2021 and knew that this was exactly the path for me. I was held in such love and safety as I began my studies, further affirming my choice. The most profound experiences continued to happen and Nikiah was such a beautiful and powerful guide for me as I explored my own messages through her work. 

During my initiation I spoke about my surprise of learning that my animal guide was a Raven and how it became the most potent part of my life, everyday. It was after that conversation that Nikiah said, "I think I made a shawl for you!" She excitedly ran through her home with her laptop to share the most beautiful Raven shawl I have ever seen and I knew immediately that it was destined for my shoulders. This was such a special moment for me and I am so grateful for the whole year I spent under her guidance.

The shawl is infused with magic and power, like the Raven, and I feel it every time I drape it over my body. Wearing it, I embody the place of deep knowing and wisdom that I have connected to and uncovered during my Priestess studies. Each thread is a weaving of connection to my sisters in the Red Moon Mystery School, standing with me as we continue our own sacred journeys. I have received so many gifts during my first year and I look forward to furthering my studies in the Year of the Warrior and Healer and as a Red Drum Leader.

— Jaime Mathiasen



"Nikiah very naturally met me in the place of my truest essence, and from that profound place wove what she witnessed into its existence as a medicine shawl.

My Gratitude for this work is vast, bounding and beating and singing through me with great reverence for her gifts."


"Nikiah very naturally met me in the place of my truest essence, and from that profound place wove what she witnessed into its existence as a medicine shawl.

My Gratitude for this work is vast, bounding and beating and singing through me with great reverence for her gifts."


"I adore my sacred weaving from Nikiah – it's one of my most treasured talismans. She reanimated my ancestral connection in such a special way by sourcing materials from ancestral homelands, blending with medicinal fibers and tokens (some familiar and some new to me, channeled through her), and paying close attention to my desired colour palette which was so important to me. The result is an heirloom now infused with powerful energies, both from rituals when I've worn it and also from its day to day use as a source of warmth and grounding on my office chair. If you're looking for sacred regalia that you'll want to pass down to your children, I highly recommend the investment."

CARMEN SPAGNOLA, Kitchen Witch + Somatic Coach

"I so love my medicine shawl. It’s my companion for morning ritual, in ceremony, and even as a healing piece for some folks. I love that it’s so personalized and appreciate your listening and creative energy that went together to create this unique piece."

Angela Prider

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