Ancestral Rattle Making Course

Rattles have a rich history of use throughout many cultures and peoples over time, from using them for ceremonies and spiritual work, to calling in the spirits and ancestors, to using them to create wonderful music for communities to enjoy.

I have had the privilege to create many rattles for different uses over the years and it is always a such a rich and powerful time of creation for me.

As a drum maker I also have so much scrap hide that I never want to part with that i have ended up saving it or gifting tons of it to folks over the years and I have wanted to create this offering for forever, so I am excited to be offering this rattle making course to those who wish to craft their own sacred instrument for use in ceremony or whatever your heart calls.


Class includes:

• Video teachings and instruction, along with supplies.

• Instructions on making your rattle and options for types of stitching to be used

The kit includes:

~ 1 Elk hide rattle in crescent moon shape.

~ Cotton for stuffing your rattle with.

~ A metal tin filled with:

• 1 sinew needle and sinew for sewing your rattle.

• A Beeswax Candle and Matches.

• Some leather for decorating the rattle after its creation.

A silver goddess charm.



This online class is full of information on the sacred history of using rattles along with full video tutorials on making your own moon rattle.

Cost: $125 Includes on-line course, supplies and shipping.

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