Sacred Path School of Animism and Ancestral Arts logo - a white snake intertwined with flowers, berries, ferns, and a crescent moon on a black background
Sacred Path School of Animism and Ancestral Arts logo - a white snake intertwined with flowers, berries, ferns, and a crescent moon on a black background

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Courses you can take anytime

Holders of Staff and Bone

Challenge yourself with ancestral healing while stepping into leadership in your spiritual community with Holders of Staff & Bone. This online deep dive is for leaders ready to challenge themselves in new ways, drop into ancestral healing, and re-liven their current practise.

The Magic and folklore of trees

Follow the magic and folklore of 13 sacred trees, and drop into the ways of ancient ones with recipes, spells, foraging tips and so much more!

Trees in the forest are: Oak, Blackthorn, Rowan, Pomegranate, Elderberry, Yew, Hawthorn, Holly, Apple, Birch, Willow, Hazel, Ash.

And a Bonus of Juniper and Rose.


Crescent Moon Rattle Making

This online class is full of information on the sacred history of using rattles, along with full tutorial on crafting your own Red Moon Rattle.

Sacred Honeybee Drum Making

Learn about the Mellisae priestesses and the ancient honey bee mystery tradition. Craft your own bee drum, dyed in a golden hue and celebrate the ancient ways of the bee.

Red Drum Making Workshop

The Red Drum is a sacred way for self identifying women to connect with their birth rite to the blood mysteries, and become red drum carriers, as they make their own Red drum.

Create an Ancestral Rattle

Create an ancestral Rattle. This self-guided course includes a rattle making kit with everything you will need to craft your own ancestral rattle.

The Sacred Path Apprenticeship

Coming soon as a self study course.

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Your Guide

My name is Nikiah {pronounced Nik-Eye-Ah}

I am a fourth generation settler currently living on the ceded lands of the Lenape, Munsee and Mohican first peoples. My ancestors came to Canada via Romania, Scotland, Ireland and England.

I first came to this work during some of my own hardest initiations and am deeply grateful for those whose guidance and  mentorship carried me and supported me through.

I have spent over two decades creating ceremonies for the birth, death, re-birth cycles that we as humans go through and this work is embedded deeply in my soul.

At Sacred Path school we offer many courses and workshops:

If you are just starting out, check out The Magic and Folklore of Trees or my hands-on Drum Making courses.

If you have lots of experience or are a leader in your community perhaps Holders of Staff and Bone is for you.

The Tradition of Healers and Mystics is worth exploring if you are stepping into your mastery.

 If you are wanting an intimate and nourishing longer term deep-dive, The Sacred Path is for you.

To commit to deepening mastery, consider applying for my Dreaming our Ancestors Back Home apprenticeship.