​The Sacred Path School places deep value on the inclusion of all people including black people, indigenous people and all  people of colour (BIPOC) in our programs and online community.

To this, I Nikiah Seeds would add that as the sole proprietor of the school I take full responsibility for my continued growth and the need to make lasting change.

I am committed to working with women (including transgender and non-binary women) of all ethnicity and races, and will always work to make sure that my courses and online spaces are safe for all who come here.

As a result updates and resources will be continual and freely shared.It is my goal to actively work against discrimination in all forms and especially with regards to racism.

I believe that as a human and spiritual being, to stay silent is to cause harm and the intersection of spirituality and activism need to meet if we are going to walk our talk. Anything else is a bypass.

As a result I will continue to acknowledge that all I have created here was built on white privilege, and I will keep educating myself about what racism means and how it impacts BIPOC people.
It is part of my continual work to dismantle my beliefs through life long learning, listening and action.

To this end I will also continue to invest financially in the expertise of BIPOC experts so that I can learn more, understand more, and unlearn/decolonize myself as a settler. I know this is not a one time thing and that unlearning colonization will take my entire lifetime.

Here at the School:


  • My commitment to inclusiveness and anti-racism has become a part of my sharing and policies, I will continue to share ongoing education with all who come here as a resource to all who are interested in how to change their own behaviour and beliefs.
  • I will ensure that my language, images and ideas do not appropriate BIPOC culture or cause harm to black, indigenous, people of colour and should it pointed out to me that I am doing harm I will quickly respond to make changes and reparations. 
  • I will continue to pay for the services of experts in this field to increase my understanding and awareness, and to invest economically in the skills of BIPOC.
  • I will only participate in events, summits and programs that have BIPOC represented in a genuine (and non-tokenistic) way. 
  • I am working on, and will continue to work on, dismantling white supremacy by acknowledging my white privilege, unpacking this privilege, and trying to do better with each step I take.
  • I will listen without being defensive, will not take things personally, and even when it is hard and inconvenient, I will strive to show up and do the work of dismantling the dominant overculture. This is a life long commitment.
  • I will stand up for BIPOC where I witness harm and not stay silent.
  • I will always put the time and work in to understand the first peoples whose land I live, work and play on and honour them by not  only understanding that I am a guest here, but by stating them by name. I currently live on Lenape Munsee land in the area of what is now known as New Rochelle NY.
  • For the past 22 years I have been living on the unceded indigenous lands belonging to the Coast Salish peoples, including the territories of the xʷməθkwəy̓əm (Musqueam), Skwxwú7mesh (Squamish), Stó:lō and Səl̓ílwətaʔ/Selilwitulh (Tsleil-Waututh) Nations. 
  • My promise is to continue to do this work because I acknowledge that I possess privilege and freedom both spirituality, emotionally, politically, economically, culturally and socially that many in this world simply do not have, and I will do my best not to squander that privilege.


Here at the Sacred Path School, we welcome all self identifying women (trans and cis), including non-binary and gender non-conforming people, and all those who identify as women. {We believe that Self-definition is the right of each person.}

This School was created for, and always will strive to be a safe place for all women to explore deeply their own inner landscape and to be supported in this. As such, the content of our lessons is gendered for women and folks who self identify as such.

The last 8,000 years of patriarchy has created an imbalance between men and women in regards to political, economic, personal and spiritual rights, creating spaces that have not always been safe for women to gather. The Mystery school is a response to this.

Our focus is and always will be on the empowerment of the divine feminine, and as such this is is not limited to just cis- women but we believe that every women (trans and cis included) holds a sacred capacity to carry feminine essence and this is at the heart of the mystery school.

Every woman deserves to feel safe!

Our school was created to make safe space for women to explore issues that tend to be specific to us, such as: using our intuition and voices, working on healing aspects of our lives that have shaped us as the women we are today, understanding our patriarchal history from the time of the goddess to the decline of the goddess and matriarchal wisdom, healing the menstrual and menopausal disconnect and so much more...

It is also an ongoing goal to support upcoming priestess and priestesx folks who are called to create sacred spaces for Trans and non binary people. This is important, because as much as we need safe space for those with wombs who bleed, we also understand that not all folks with wombs are women


At this school, from the moment I opened the doors it has been my strict policy and belief that spiritual work should not just be for those who can afford it.

This is why my prices have not gone up once since the doors opened, and why I offer monthly payments deliberately keeping the cost lower then most, if not all of my contemporaries.

Yearly I offer a certain number of partial and full bursaries open with a mandate to offer these first to BIPOC and LQTBQ folks. These bursaries are not paid by donations but rather out of my own pocket as a way of giving back and given with deep sincerity in the understanding of my white privilege, and for the love I have of this work.



As a fourth generation settler on stolen lands, it has been important to me to give back to Indigenous communities in whatever way I can over the years.

I understand that this does not un-do the harm done, nor the stolen land back, but rather my small contributions serve to support Indigenous communities and disperse wealth a little.

To this end, my ongoing contributions for 2023 will be going to RAVEN, an organization dedicated to raising legal defence funds for Indigenous Peoples in Canada to defend rights and the integrity of land and culture.