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 One-On-One Spiritual Mentorship, Healing
& Apprenticeship with Nikiah Seeds


Transformative work without bypassing.

As a teacher and spirit worker I have mentored, counseled and held hundreds of folks through their processes, and have found that the combination of spiritual mentoring and spirit/shamanic healing work is a powerful combination for transformation.

During Ancestral Healing Sessions we work together to pinpoint what is coming up for you in this moment and seek to find both in the real world and the spirit world what is calling for healing at this time.

Or,  we might discuss through a Spiritual Mentoring Session what is calling for you at this time in your life.

Looking to go deeper? You may begin your path of mastery along the Sacred Path, or deepen your calling with a more intensive apprenticeship in the Tradition of Healers and Mystics.

Together we will explore your unique healing pathway.



​As humans we each have a unique destiny path and reason for being here, but many of us have to follow many different pathways in order to truly unfold into who we are, and why we are here, especially when we are called to work with the unseen realms. This apprenticeship was created to truly be supportive to our rich diversity of ancestral backgrounds and unique destiny pathways.

Through making authentic ancestral connections and learning to see the patterns in your family lineages, you can begin to rewrite your story. This work involves picking up the threads that link you to joy, abundance and authentic power.

By understanding where you come from, you can move with clarity to realize the mission you came here to accomplish.

Have you ever been in a personal or spiritual process and knew that the way though was not going to be easy or simple? How you longed for someone you could talk to that would really be able to listen to what your soul was saying?

Join Nikiah in a spiritual mentorship and discover the depth of your potential, your challenges, and your ancestral path in an intimate, one-on-one setting.​

Wyrd Weaving is a journey that you and I will take together that involves not just the creation of a Shawl, Altar cloth, Ancestral piece or Storyteller cloak, but a sacred piece that that holds the essence of your own unique being.

Together we will enter into a time of liminal space as we speak of the matters that reside deepest in your heart.


All Offerings from Nikiah Seeds

 Yearning to connect with your ancestors? Join us in our three part offering Dreaming the Ancestors Back home, Or perhaps you would like to study in your own time, at your own pace and take a deep dive within our Priestess Path, or even explore my hands-on maker workshops with Making a Red Drum, Honeybee Drum, and Ancestral Rattle online courses.

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Join my mailing list to receive my beautiful Wheel of the Year Guidebook

What clients experience...

"​I've explored corners of my psyche and my soul more thoroughly than I ever thought possible, and it's truly made more of a positive impact for me than the two decades of counseling I went through prior to this. I love that I now have this rich spiritual dimension in my life now - I love tending my little altar, going on shamanic journeys with my power animal, and gathering items for my medicine bundle. Nikiah is an incredible, warm and present guide on this journey - she holds the space for us beautifully as we each embark on our own adventures. I can't recommend Nikiah and her offerings highly enough. She is a living treasure!"


"Around the time that I turned 40, I experienced feelings of restlessness and wanting something "more" in my life, which is perhaps not so out of the ordinary for this milestone birthday. I was familiar with Nikiah's spiritual work as a shamanic practitioner, and so I went to her for some guidance. I explained to her that I was seeking a spiritual quest, and more depth and meaning in my life. She described her Red Moon Mystery School to me, and I was so delighted as I'd not heard of it, but it sounded perfect for me! 

I then started my journey and wow, 2016 turned out to be one of my most creatively productive, meaningful, life-changing years ever."


"The journey work I'm learning with Nikiah is like the cheesecake after a long time without have had it...nourishing, divine, delicious!  Always challenging, this work brings a lot of joy into my life and helps me sort through daily life's ups and downs on another paradigm. 

Moving, awakening, sometimes gentle sometimes ferocious, depending on what our spirit needs, working with you has brought me many break-throughs...sometimes I feel like nothing is happening and then blam! Light comes pouring through or tears, whatever is needed at the time. Intense yet gentle..." 



"Over the past year and I see some significant gentle growth in myself through this work. I find myself more grounded and through this work I feel I have gained some powerful tools for understanding myself, and I feel like my heart voice that has always been there is more of a presence let loose from the cage that it was stuck in perhaps."