Copper Moon Altar Cloth and Antler sistrum

Copper Moon Altar Cloth and Antler sistrum


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This is a copper Moon Altar cloth, inspired by Copper being the first metal used by ancient cultures, and the fact that some of the oldest artifacts we have today date to the Neolithic period

Copper is also an incredible conductor of energy, making it the perfect place to be woven into an altar cloth.


This piece is paired with a pure copper moon disk and a small deer antler {Naturally shed} with a tigerbell on the end. These little sistrum like rattles are a beautiful way to open channels and to guide us into the unseen realms.


Lets talk more about copper here though, shall we?

Copper is an amazing channeller and I first discovered its use many years ago when I used to make feather wants with an inside of copper, which I used for smoke cleansing and channeling energy.

Copper has been used for jewelry, tools, sculpture, bells, amulets,  sacred items such as death masks for milenia.


Copper is also considered a “living metal,”because  the surface is ever-changing and constantly developing in colour and texture. Think copper that has been left outside, it does not rest but rather develops a blue green patina that has been treasured by many cultures the world over, most notable the Aztecs who traded it as currency.


As a spiritual conductor, any energy flow can be enhanced by copper making its use on an altar cloth a potent force in its creation.


Copper is known as a positive helping energy within the spiritual world, known to help clear out negative energies and support feelings of positivity.

Copper is also known to spark passion and creativity, as a conductor of energy and focus supporting us in manifesting our dreams and goals.


Copper amplifies our energy, both grounding it deep into the earth and is an energy conductor that can be used to strengthen the connection between two individuals or two healing stones.

I love to use it to charging my stones, which is another reason why an altar cloth woven with copper is perfect for spiritual work.


In this piece I have used a black warp of pure cotton, and then the weave is a copper is a metallic yarn along with a small copper moon disk made from pure copper.


Copper has been known to combat anxiety and depression, especially when related to fear about the future and what we may become.

Copper encourages us to move directly into action, rather than spending too much time thinking or waiting for the optimal moment. Copper encourages creativity and free thinking, and urges us to move beyond the obvious and into the daringly possible.

The length of the altar cloth is 57″ long


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