Ancestral Healing Sessions

Ancestral Healing Sessions


In these one on one sessions we will explore some of the ancestral patterns that may be coming up through your family line and I will work in the unseen realm for healing on your behalf.


Many of us already have a feeling, may suspect, or can even can pinpoint certain patterns, issues and concerns that have been handed down through our family line, often for generations.

Imagine healing these patterns.

What does an ancestral healing session look like?

At this time all sessions are via Zoom.

We will begin by taking some time to get to know one another and I will ask you a series of questions as I seek to get to know your ancestral lineage better.

If you were adopted I am still able to do this work, not to worry.

When we do an ancestral healing, I journey with the aid of my guides and seek to discover where these ancestral patterns are occurring in your family line and where healing is needed.

Working with my guides we track to find the cause of the original ancestor and the pattern that has become pervasive in your family line, and together we then work together to make sure that this ancestor who had not crossed over go to the collective of ancestors on the other side and then collapse this pattern, taking it down through all generations, backwards and forward to yourself and your descendants, creating healing, and stopping the negative pattern.

After the work has been done there is often a ritual or ceremony that is required for the completion of the work, and this piece is an important aspect of the healing, as we take responsibility for our ancestors and work to heal them.

For some it can be helpful to continue the work as they wish to deepen their understanding of working with helping ancestors and possibly moving into lineage clearing, in which case a four hour session might be the best choice.