Traditions of Healers

and Mystics

Year one: The call of the Healer Within. Spirit healer and animist.

Something within you has felt the call. Understand why and learn to master it.

​This apprenticeship is for those called to the subtle work of the spirit healer and mystic, and those who are called to walk deeper into the unknown mysteries... ​

As humans we each have a unique destiny path and reason for being here, but many of us have to follow many different pathways in order to truly unfold into who we are, and why we are here, especially when we are called to work with the unseen realms.

This apprenticeship was created to truly be supportive to our rich diversity of ancestral backgrounds and unique destiny pathways.

In our time together we will:
~Understand the difference between  shamanism, Animism, Mediumship, and the call of the Artist and Ceremonialist.
~Explore the politics of this time and age when it comes to the intersection of spiritual work and activist work, and where we all fit within it.
~Non appropriative approaches are taught so that we can stand in deep integrity to the work of our true selves.
~ Ceremony to remove our shadow masks so we can see into the truth of our calling.
~Create a strong foundation for a regular animist practice that will support your work and destiny path, because understanding these differences are actually more important than we think.
~The art of the spirit journey is taught here with a focus on how our ancestors would have done it.
~Learn spirit healing techniques based within the context of Shamanism, Animism, Mediumship, and the Mystical realm.

Within the container of:

~Cosmology and what our personal unique cosmology is.
~Animism and healing work with regards to working with animals, plants and the stone kingdom.
~Learn who your spirit allies are and how to work with them in right relationship.
~Learn how to support others as they seek their own animal allies and journey on behalf of others.
~Learn how to safely see and remove misplaced energies/extraction.
~Understand the "weave" that we all sit within, and how to repair energetic tears within the weave.
~ Soul retrieval-what it is form a contemporary standpoint, what it's purpose is and the form of using it for healing on ourselves and for clients. Work with your allies and ancestral helping guides to understand your own unique way.
~Mythic storytelling and the stories of our ancestors.
~Somatic ways of embodiment both for healing ourselves and understanding its importance with others.
~Trauma responce, the vagus nerve, Titration and the basics of understanding how we can work with trauma on subtle energy bodies.
~Death walking/Psychopomp.
~Space clearing, ghosts and misplaced energetics.
~ Prayer bundles, ceremonies, mythic storytelling and the artists way.
​~Create a drum, rattle and ancestor house.
And so much more then one could ever attempt to describe here......


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