Find belonging with our ancestors, and
come back home to ourselves.

This first session is the foundation for the next two so that we create a safe and held container of ancestor work together in community.


Within the first session we will be anchoring ourselves in what exactly ancestor reverence is, working with ethics and integrity around the lands that we live on and the ancestors that were there before we ourselves or our ancestors arrived.

We will go into the basics of journeying and communication with your loving, healthy ancestors as well as how to work with our ancestors safely.

In this session we welcome  to support us in honoring the land that we live on in a good way that carries integrity as we begin to understand who our ancestors are and how to work with them.

What we will be covering in our six weeks together:

~We begin with Land honouring. Understanding the lands that we stand on now and how it relates to us as humans and how our ancestors would have functioned. 

​~Deprogramming ourselves and finding our way in integrity. Understanding decolonization and spiritual activist work with regards to our own ancestors. 

~Come back home to ourselves, rooted in a deeper understanding of who we are and finding a sense of belonging in the world.

~Together we will explore and create an ancestral practise that honours who we are, and where we come from, and seek to deepen through daily connection with spirit.

~ Intro to Journeying/ navigating the unseen realms
Discover an animal ally, and eventually journey with them to find a healing ancestor.

​​~ Ancestral basics-how to work with our ancestors in a safe way. Not all of our ancestors went where they needed to go and are safe to work with as spirits. How to tell the difference.

~ Protection and boundaries within the spirit world.

~ Understanding who we are and where we come from, asking our ancestral helping spirits for guidance.

~ Honouring our ancestors with ceremony.

~ Building a shrine/altar space for our ancestors, and beginning to develop a spiritual connection and ancestral practice.

~ Making ancestral incense that is close to what your own ancestors may have used in honouring and ceremony.

~ ​Building ancestral altars to begin a daily practise.

~ Beginning to understand what healing the family lines really means, and creating ancestral talismans.

~ What did our ancestors like to eat, how did they sit in ceremony, what animals or elementals did they connect with? Let's stop appropriating other cultures and discover what our own ancestors did things, and deepen into our own lineages rather than fetishizing others. 

It is helpful to have had a DNA test, but please know that it's is optional to this course.



Nikiah Seeds


​My ancestors made their way here to Canada via Romania, England, Ireland and Scotland three generations ago, and it is a gift to have lived on both ceded and unceded Indigenous lands.

I have spent more then a decade understanding how to navigate the spirit realm and working with my own ancestors for healing and support, and this has led me to the understanding that it is part of my destiny path to guide others how to unfold into their own destinies and deepen their connections with their ancestors. It is with great joy that I now bring this work to others.



This is a three part series consisting of four weeks per series, and is cumulative meaning that each one must be taken as a prerequisite to the next.

Each section is four weeks in length, and we will meet via Zoom once per week for 2 hours.

All classes will be recorded.

Small packages will be mailed out to each participant with materials for the class.

Cost is 330.00 per section, but all three can be paid at once for a savings of $100

Dates-Fall 2022 TBD


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