Finding the threads of our own ancestral stories and weaving them back together.

In this last component, we take all that we have built upon and can now start to build our practice into something nourishing and fulfilling in our daily lives.

This is why we turn to stories and the weaving of them.

When our ancestors left their homelands, so much was lost, from the traditional foods that they loved to the songs and dances and traditions that were built around things such as rites of passages like marriage and babies being born, and of course stories!

We are all made up of the stories of our ancestors, and it is within these stories that we are able to find ourselves abd come back to to deep belonging within them.

Together for this last component we will be weaving and repairing some of these lost stories and traditions of our ancestors so that we ourselves can be grounded in who we are and where we came from!

We are Dreaming our Ancestors Back Home after all!



Erica Nunnally

Erica will lead our Spring equinox ceremony and is an elder priestess graduate from the mystery school and it is a joy to welcome her for many reasons!

    Known as The Medicine Woman of Providence, Erica Nunnally is an Ancestral Medicine practitioner, a master yoga teacher and a Usui Reiki master teacher. She has been a full-time professional in the wellness and healing arts since 2008. 

Erica is a traditional animist, a ritualist, an intuitive healer, and guide. As a keeper of both universal and ancestral medicines. Erica teaches and leads workshops and retreats nationally and internationally, online and in-person. To learn more about Erica and her offerings, visit www.ericanunnally.com/about.



Nikiah Seeds


Hello. I'm Nikiah Seeds.

​My ancestors made their way here to Canada via Romania, England, Ireland and Scotland three generations ago, and it is a gift to have lived on both ceded and unceded Indigenous lands.

​My calling lays in deep shadow work, and the liminal space between this world and the spirit world.

​ My goal is to support those who are called to walk into these spaces with me, and who are committed to healing, ancestral work and exploring this rich and diverse world of ours.



This is a three part series consisting of four weeks per series, and is cumulative meaning that each one must be taken as a prerequisite to the next.

Each section is four weeks in length, and we will meet via Zoom once per week for 2 hours.

All classes will be recorded.

Small packages will be mailed out to each participant with materials for the class.

Cost is 330.00 per section, but all three can be paid at once for a savings of $100

Dates-Fall 2022 TBD


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Dreaming Our Ancestors Back Home

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