The Sacred Path

The Sacred Path

Subscription Starts from $115.00 for each 13 months with 13 installments

The Sacred Path consists of:

  • Over 30 videos to watch, and over 450  pages of full color pdf’s for you to print and read.
  • 2 one-on-one mentorship sessions with Nikiah.
  • Membership within  a closed community forum to share and witness each other.
  • A monthly newsletter/video with rituals and ceremonial ideas as well as words of encouragement as you make your way on the path.

There are 2 Payment Types.

Option 1: Pay in full, $1400.00

Option 2: Pay monthly ($115 per month, for 13 months).

Option 3: Pay twice ($750 now, 750 in 6 months).

Once you choose your payment type, you can ALSO choose from optional Add-Ons.

Refund/Cancellation Policy:

In this Initiation process it is important that those who decide to take on this commitment, show up and stay with integrity to the sacred work.
As such, once the first class has been accessed there is No Cancellations or Refunds will be available regardless of the choice of a payment plan or paid all at once.

You may pause the work and come back to it later on, but once payment plans are set up it is expected that they will be honoured.

{we also understand that sometimes there is severe need, and take these situations on a one on one basis.}

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On our first Sacred Pathway together (Path One) we will be entering into nine areas of Initiation, each connected to and building upon the next.

These nine initiations are:

~ Journeying into the unseen realms

~ Archetypal and shadow work

~ Journeying into the forest & developing a sacred relationship to trees

~ Meeting the goddess cross-culturally

~ Creating a sacred archetypal bundle

~ Beginning an animist practice by working with the land spirits

~ Meeting a healing ancestor and beginning to create an ancestral spiritual practise

~ Working with the seasons and cycles of our bodies and the world around us.

You will also receive a beautiful welcome package… mailed to your door…

Inside your welcome package:

~ a white cord,
~ a spiral bound blank journal and pen,
~ a copy of the hard-to-find Moon Mysteries Book,
~ a Phenology Wheel Workbook,
~ a candle and matches to use for our opening ceremony,
~ and a few other wonderful gifts to discover upon opening.

This work is for anyone identifies as a woman who wants to embody the seasons within their own bodies: it is for those who menstruate, those who do not, and those in menopause. 

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