Red Drum Making Workshop Online *Sale*


Red Drum Making Workshop Online *Sale*



Prices for each size are listed below:

13″ $200 for Drum kit and Course.

14″ $240 for drum kit and course.

16″ $260 for drum kit and course.

I love the 13″ ones as this is the number of the goddess and the number of full moons in a year!

Supplies include:

~ A small pouch of red ochre/ cedar powder for consecrating the drum frame.

~ One 13” /whatever size you order drum frame made from Cedar wood.

~ 1 pouch of Nikiah’s pre-mixed plant medicine dye to add along with beet and pomegranate juice.

~ One elk skin hide large enough to fully cover your frame and wrap around the back one inch over the lip.

~ An awl for punching holes in your hide.

~ Red waxed lacings for the drum.

~ Cotton batting and a leather circle cut out, for making the beater/mallet with.

~ A small pouch with feathers, sinew and beads for decoration.


This on-line/Virtual workshop is open to any and all women interested in making their own Sacred Red Drum.

The heartbeat of the drum is also the heartbeat of the great mother

In this three part workshop/class, you will delve into the history of women and the frame drum, learning some of the ancient uses of drumming from menstruation and childbirth to crop blessings, as well as the ancient tradition of dyeing them red to represent the divine feminine.

You will also become Red drum Carriers joining other folks from around the world in the sacred aspect of carrying their own unique red moon wisdom and sending it out into the world through their red drums!

You will have the opportunity to dye their own 14” Elk skin drum, learning about the spiritual aspects of the elk and it’s medicine gifts to us.


During the process of dyeing and making your medicine drums we will call on ceremonial element for consecration of your frame which is the bones of your drum, and the skin/hide of elk medicine, giving thanks for this gift, and letting the spirit of the elk know that it is becoming a sacred and spiritual tool.

All elements from the dyeing and creation process of your drum, to making a beater/tom-tom for it, and ceremonially waking it up will be provided in this class.


Additional information

Weight 1.216 kg
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 40 cm

13" Drum, 14" Drum, 16" Drum