Holders of Staff and Bone


Holders of Staff and Bone


Enrolment is always open and there is no timeframe for completion. Once you register, you will have access to course materials for life.

The Investment for this course is $590, which can be split into two payments.



This course is for you if you are a healer or  leader in your community.  

If you wish to do something just for yourself to deepen into your own existing practice or expand and find deeper vision around what more your soul is asking for.. This process serves as an inner quest of sorts, and is deeply initiatory.


Participants must have strong journey skills. This is a quest into our own Blood, Bone, Moon and Return.


We begin our journey with the Blood, which represents our ancestors and within this portal we dive headfirst into ancestor reverence, healing nad practise.

The next pathway takes you from the blood into the Bone. 

In this portal the bones we speak of here are the bones of the earth, animism and being a staff holder. We work with the bones of the earth/trees and each student is granted access to the Magic and Folklore of Trees course as a part of the process.

We now move into the postal of the Moon. 

Here the moon represents community and gatherings, and how as a leader you hold yourself with integrity and of course the shadow side of the moon, leaning into circle ethics, mentoring and dreaming future courses you may wish to lead.


Lastly we Return and reflect on the quest that has taken you away from leadership and into your own personal time of reflection and journeywork.