Crescent Moon Rattle Making Workshop-Online


Crescent Moon Rattle Making Workshop-Online


Class includes video teachings and video instruction, along with supplies.

Instructions on making your rattle and options on types of stitch used.

The kit includes:

~ 1 Elk hide rattle cut out in the crescent moon shape.

~ Cotton for stuffing your rattle with.

~ A painted wooden dowel for the handle

~ A metal tin filled with:

~ 1 sinew needle and sinew for sewing your rattle.

~ A Beeswax Candle and Matches.

~Some leather for decorating the rattle after its creation.

~Some red feathers.

~A small packet of red dye.

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This workshop includes a rattle making kit with everything you will need to craft your own Red Moon Rattle.

The image here has the fully made rattle as an example of the finished product.

~This online class is full of information on the sacred history of using rattles, some journeys to take to prepare yourself to create an ancestral Rattle according to information found in your journey, and so much more.