The Sacred Path Apprenticeship

The Sacred Path Apprenticeship is an initiatory certification program designed for spiritual seekers, empathic coaches, visionaries, creative leaders and anyone longing to reclaim their own spiritual path by discovering a way of being that is unique to their own life and inner self.

This path is self paced and does not require any time other then what initiates have within their lives.

The sacred path was created by a woman and is for all self identified women. Please know that there are references and work related to the womb and cycles of a body that bleeds, and experiences menopause. Use of the pronouns both she/her as well as they/them are used within the content here.


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Through monthly lessons designed to dive into at your own pace you will venture on a sacred path that allows you reclaim your own pathways to spirituality. You are invited to listen to your own intuition, and drop as deeply as you want to go into your own inner healing and shadow work.

On this path you are invited to journey into the unseen realms by first finding your own way of accessing and then trusting your gifts and inner ways of knowing. In this way you will walk the ancient pathways of the archetypal goddesses, and your ancestors

This path with Nikiah Seeds is a 2-part online initiatory and learning journey that takes place over two 13 month cycles and will lead you to greater leadership and confidence in yourself as a spiritual being.





There are two years/pathways to this program which are fully separate, and created to be taken consecutively.  


On our first Pathway together we will be entering into nine initiations, each connected to and building upon the next.


These nine initiations are:

~ Journeying into the unseen realms

~ Archetypal and shadow work

~ Journeying into the forest & developing a sacred relationship to trees

~ Meeting the goddess cross-culturally

~ Creating a sacred archetypal bundle

~ Beginning an animist practice by working with the land spirits

~ Meeting a healing ancestor and beginning to create an ancestral spiritual practise

~ Working with the seasons and cycles of our bodies and the world around us.

Who This Work is For

This work is for anyone identifed as a woman who wants to embody the seasons withitn their own bodies: it is for those who menstruate, those who do not, and those in menopause. 


It is also for...

  • Anyone wishing to take the time for deep reflective inner work. 
  • Anyone wishing to explore the unseen realms and work with your ancestors. 
  • Anyone who is wanting to connect with the seasons, and understand how they affect your own inner rhythms, moods and states of mind.

Though the program is organized to flow according to the 13 moons of a year, when we work within a matriarchal paradigm it cannot happen according to a timeline. You are deeply encouraged to go at your own pace, honouring your own inner rhythm, and the time it takes for discoveries to unfold and integrate within you. Your Sacred path can not be rushed. 

Opening and Closing ceremony  Each cohort will join together - via Zoom - an opening and closing ceremony time.

Forum:  You will be invited into a discussion forum where you can share reflections and soul work ~ post art, poetry, and photos. This is a place to bring your questions, interact with your fellow seekers, and share discoveries. We also have a long standing facebook page and you will also receive an invite to that.

Bonus: You will receive access to the course The Magic and Folklore of trees



You are invited to join us for our next intake.

Are you ready to walk the pathway of your own personal and archetypal healing, through ancestral work and journeying into the unseen realms?

Restore the sacred connection to your intuition, and inner knowing, through ancestral remembrance and animist practices.

Remember your own ancient pathways through awakening your connections with the goddess, and the world around you.


You are invited to join us for our next intake.

Are you ready to walk the pathway of your own personal and archetypal healing, through ancestral work and journeying into the unseen realms?

Restore the sacred connection to your intuition, and inner knowing, through ancestral remembrance and animist practices.

Remember your own ancient pathways through awakening your connections with the goddess, and the world around you.


How the Work Unfolds

This is a self study program.

Each month for 13 months you will receive a new lesson to dive into within our customized portal space.

The materials are yours forever, and there is no deadline to complete your initiatory process.


The Sacred Path consists of:


  • Over 30 videos to watch, and over 450  pages of full color pdf's for you to print and read.
  • Gathering as a circle via Zoom for an opening and closing ceremony, plus ceremonies four times a year to mark the changing seasons and create ritual together. ​These four seasonal rituals will have a guest teacher that brings their own unique energy and perspective of that season.
  • A robust welcome kit including your Phenology Wheel, a set of gifts for ceremonial practice, your white initiate’s cord and more
  • A one-on-one mentorship session with Nikiah that can be booked anytime
  • Access to the Sacred Path community forum as well as a Facebook group to share, reflect, and support one another’s growth.
  • A monthly newsletter/video with rituals and ceremonial ideas as well as words of encouragement as you make your way on the path.
  • Access to the course "The Magic and Folklore of Trees".
  • Subscription to a monthly newsletter/video with rituals and ceremonial ideas as well as words of encouragement as you make your way on the path.
  • Certification - in addition to receiving a beautiful certificate, you will receive a red cord.

    Graduates have gone on to become collaborators on workshops, host their own Red Tent gatherings, and organize moon circles and ceremonies with their communities. 

You will also receive...


A beautiful welcome package... mailed to your door...


Inside your welcome package, you will receive:

~ a white cord,
~ a spiral bound blank journal and pen,
~ a copy of the Moon Mysteries Book,
~ a Phenology Wheel Workbook,
~ a candle and matches to use for our opening ceremony,
~ and a few other wonderful gifts to discover upon opening.

Course Outline/Initiations

Learn the journey form that works for you and discover your animal ally and create strong boundaries in a safe container. . Learn ethics and cultural appropriation surrounding the term shaman and shamanic.


Work with 13 archetypes to heal and deeper our spiritual growth

Dive into shadow work to face our deepest selves, our gifts and our destiny path. Understand why the overculture of patriarchy is no longer serving us, as well as colonial ways of thinking.

Diving into Archetypal Shadow Work

Work with 13 trees linked to the archetypes for support and understanding in the journey realm.

Receive the Magic and Folklore of Trees course to support our work in the sacred grove. Develop an animistic understanding of the natural world as a part of our spiritual practise as priestesses.​

Enter the Sacred Grove of Trees

Work with 22 goddesses to learn about them and have them support us in our work.

Understand our matrilineal lineage and the history of the goddess through time.

Respect and honour the goddess within her many cultures with integrity.


Journey each month into the unseen realms to discover a sacred archetypal object as it relates to our work.These bundles are required for initiation and make up an important part of our work together.​


Work with a phenology wheel workbook specially created for our work in this area together. Deepen into a daily practise of understanding our inner world and outer worlds and how they come together.


Our ancestors reside in our blood and bones, and their stories are accessible to us.

Work with a loving and well-seated ancestral guide in a safe container. Understand our unique gifts and blessings from them.

Bring them into our spiritual practise as we deepen.

Our ancestors rejoice when we begin to understand and celebrate them.


Receive a copy of the book Moon Mysteries book.

Track your Menstrual cycle and tap into your own inner rhythms as you move though the 13 moons of the year.



For Peri-Menopausal and Menopausal folks we have a Mysteries of Menopause area specially for you for support and further exploration.




Cost $1500

Payments can be split into 13 monthly payments of $115 each OR paid all at once for a savings of $100.

Or, the full payment can be split in half, for two payments of $750.


Optional Add-Ons:

Package #1

Ancestral healing

This package consists of a series of three ancestral healing sessions with Nikiah.

These sessions will be geared specifically to support you on your path and each person's package will be created just for them, based on what is coming up in their lives.

Together we will dive into ceremonial healing of your ancestors based on patterns in your life that feel unmovable no matter what you do. Your helping ancestor will be worked with so that you have a deeper understanding of who you are and where you come from.

Package #2

Leadership Coaching

This package is to support those on the path of leadership who would like spiritual mentorship with regards to their destiny path and unique expression as a leader or facilitator and consists of 4 one on one sessions with Nikiah that are 90 min’s in length.

The longer time period is so that we can really get into deeper conversations around your unique destiny path and so I can support you.

Sessions usually  include at least one spirit/shamanic healing or ancestral healing.

Cost $700
Spaces are limited to 6 students only.

Cost $920
Spaces are limited to 6 students only

Choose your package add-on upon enrollment.

Folks taking this course will receive a 20% discount on the hands-on maker workshops  Red Drum making or Ancestral Rattle Making as a support to their animist and ancestral work.



“As a Counseling Therapist and yoga teacher, I still found myself struggling to have a spiritual earth-centred practice.  My personal work with the Red Moon Mystery School has allowed me to develope an authentic and grounded spiritual practice that is rooted in earth wisdom. I used to look outside myself for many answers but now I have developed the skillset to go within for guidance and healing.  I am deeply supported by other sisters in the circle and Nikiah Seeds’ leadership.  Whenever I have needed extra help; it has been there.  Not to mention, I can now make beautiful alters and medicine bundles and carry a drum, rattle and staff! Following the Priestess Path has lead me down a beautiful, wild and prosperous life.  I highly recommend this school for woman who is ready to deepen into their own authentic power.”

- SOPHIE LOVE, Counseling Therapist

"Everything about the Red Moon Mystery School’s Priestess Path is simply, irrevocably life-changing.  The work in the grove and in life mirrored each other like liminal dancers.  At times intensely so. I was unformed, taken apart- unraveled in the void- after each step of release, initiation, shadow dancing and deep remembering, I discovered another part of my soul- Thank you, Nikiah, so much for creating such authentic, beautiful and transformative work."



"Following my intuition to join Red Moon Mystery School is one of the best things I've ever done for myself. The curriculum has deepened my relationship with my body, my spirit teachers, and most importantly, with my inner archetypes. Through this curriculum I have come to feel more whole. I have reconnected with the cyclic nature of the earth and the moon and with my own inner rhythms. Perhaps most importantly, the initiation rite at the end of my first year of training has provided me with a much needed milestone marking my transition into spiritual adulthood. I am deeply grateful to Nikiah for her wisdom and guidance and for holding space for me and my fellow priestess-sisters to undergo this sacred, transformational work."


"As a spacaeholder I sat with the calling for a deepening into myself and my connection to my ancestral lineage, it was very important to me to learn from a guide who also carried a similar lineage. I am honoured to be part of the Priestess Path at Red Moon Mystery School. Through walking this path of unlearning I have come into a deeper connection to my ancestors, my guides and my gifts. I am beyond blessed to have found Nikiah, she is an incredible soul and wisdom keeper. She is an authentic guide who is an advocate for the injustices in our current world and leads by example."


"I am a seeker and forever learner--always looking for experiences to enrich my life journey--and many times I go off a whim when signing up for a new experience. Nikiah's priestess apprenticeship started as one of those programs that settled in like a feather, but as the year went on, it became apparent that this was not a program to sign up for and then file away for another day. This program demands and deserves your attention. What started as a whim for me has turned into a powerful journey that has rattled my very bones to the core of my heart."


"The priestess apprenticeship was one of the best gifts I gave myself this year, and I am grateful for the time it has given me to learn new things about the world and about myself. The healing and understanding that has taken place still continues, and Nikiah is an insightful and effective mentor. She encourages you to be present for the work, and she holds you accountable to be honest with yourself. What I admire most about Nikiah is that she is a real person who shows up herself, walks the path with integrity and leads through modeling. I appreciate her heart and spirit and how it is woven into the lessons we receive each month and how each month I felt so aligned with what she put together. ​ In today's world, where there are so many programs and teachers and experiences to choose from, I am so happy that I found Nikiah.  I look forward to seeing how this apprenticeship will continue to unfold in my life and in the lives of others. Thank you, Nikiah, you are a gift!"


"The priestess apprenticeship with Red Moon Mystery School empowers us to become the most vibrant versions of ourselves, women rooted in the sacred that surround us, while bringing our gifts to the world. It is a powerful and transformational journey that allows us to dive into our deepest shadows, transmute them into strengths, and ultimately discover our most authentic selves.

I am profoundly grateful to be walking this path with Nikiah and feel blessed and supported by her wisdom and compassionate strength. This work is a celebration of the divine feminine and of ourselves as women."


"My year of study with Nikiah has changed my life - which of course sounds cliché, but couldn't be the farthest thing from it. With each new month I gained a deeper understanding and knowing of myself, not just as mother or daughter but as all parts of the woman I was born to be. I have always been a spiritual seeker but I've never quite found the thing that worked for me until I began to learn to journey with Nikiah. Through the combination of shamanic journey work and deep self work that this course provides, I have found a greater connection with my authentic self, with nature and with the divine feminine - the great mother of us all. I feel that I am now walking my true path and I am excited to continue my studies with Nikiah, a nurturing, supportive and powerful teacher, mentor, priestess and friend"  


Your Guide ~Nikiah Seeds


My name is Nikiah {pronounced Nik-Eye-Ah}


I am a fourth generation settler currently living on the ceded lands of the Lenape, Munsee and Mohican first peoples. My ancestors came to Canada via Romania, Scotland, Ireland and England.


I have spent over two decades creating ceremonies for the birth, death, re-birth cycles that we as humans go through and this work is embedded deeply in my soul.


I would say that at my core I am a  traditional animist Spirit worker/Healer. I was originally initiated into northern European animist tradition, and my work is informed by the many teachings and teachers I have been fortunate to have guide me over the past two decades.


I have raised two children with my longtime husband/partner of 25 years and am now at the time of my life where my focus is able to be shared a little more on that community, both the global one and my immediate one. 





Initiation is an important aspect of the completion of your pathway walk.

Together we will mark it with both a certificate that states the pathway you have named for yourself and red cord. Then together in a one on one dedication and initiation ceremony we will mark your initiation.

This ceremony is prepared for in advance as a part of the journey and is one of my most cherished times with apprentices. The actual ceremony itself os private and held in the mystery until each person arrives at this place in their sacred journey. ​

Apprentices who complete to initiation, will become Red corded within the Sacred Grove. Those who choose to move into Second year/ Year of the Warrior and see it to completion, are recognized as Black Corded and as such receive a black cord to mark this. These folks work to discover their unique gifts and traditionally move out and into their community as leaders.


Refund/Cancellation Policy:
In this Initiation process it is important that those who decide to take on this commitment, show up and stay with integrity to the sacred work.
As such, once the first class has been accessed there is No Cancellations or Refunds will be available regardless of the choice of a payment plan or paid all at once.

You may pause the work and come back to it later on, but once payment plans are set up it is expected that they will be honoured.

{we also understand that sometimes there is severe need, and take these situations on a one on one  basis.}


Partial Bursary Program

*Please note-Inquiries from BIPOC and LGBTQ2 applicants, will be given priority.*

​It is my belief that not only those with money should be able to have access to spiritual work so it is with great joy that I offer  4 partial bursaries open to anyone, and one full tuition giveaway to a BIPOC per year.

If you feel that having tuition partially paid for would help you please Click Here to apply.