The Magic and Folklore of Trees


The Magic and Folklore of Trees


What you receive when you register: 

~​Access to the on-line course that includes video tutorials and tree identification guides.

~A beautiful full colour Wheel of the year with each of the trees in it’s own season to print out and hang in your home or office so you can see what is coming up in the season.

~Fully downloadable/printable full colour handbook that includes everything you will find on-line {except the videos}, so that you can print them out to have on hand, much like a well loved recipe book or Grimoire.


*Birthday Sale Week! March 12th-April 1st.*

If you buy the course in this time period I will add in a bottle of my Wild Forest tree Essence of your choosing. Just let me know which one you want in the Note section during check out. Choices are: Rowan, Oak, Yew, Hawthorn, Birch and Juniper.

Grab a basket and some warm clothing, put on sturdy shoes and follow me, as we peel back the mists of time as we walk into the forest, for there is much to learn there…..

Let us step deep into the forest where the moss is thick and the path obscured with thickets. Let us wander a meandering pathway, following old deer trods, where only bears, wolves and other creatures dare to go, and where the folklore of old, not only give us witchcrafting medicines and protection, but also warnings nestled amongst her old charms and songs…


The 13 trees we will be exploring are:

Rowan, Blackthorn, Hawthorn, Apple, Oak, Holly, Yew, Hazel, Birch, Willow, Pomegranate, Juniper Elder, and a bonus–Rose.

This online course and pfd handbook designed to whisk you away and into the magic of the forest.

​You may follow them in the order we have listed them, which is an unfolding of seasons, or you may choose to explore the trees that speak to you most first, how you choose to access the course is up to you.

We will work with the trees as the seasons go, beginning in the autumn which is harvest season for many berries that grow on the trees we will be covering.