Raven Shawl and Drum

Raven Shawl and Drum



The Raven Shawl and Drum were made to be together, made beside each other and share a similar essence because of it.

The drum is Black dyed with Black walnuts and other plant dyes, on Elk hide, and comes with a beater in black deer leather.

Each one of these pieces was conceived in small rituals during either the new or full moon, and carries a ceremonial essence to it.

The shawls are in essence medicine pieces and while they were being woven I was entering deep into prayer and journey to communicate with the animals and beings whose essence I wanted to weave into these prayer shawls.

This Raven prayer shawl holds the wild and inquisitive nature of the crow and raven. These are highly intelligent creatures with a long history of magical connections.

Crows, Ravens and humans have had a powerful relationship for eons which makes me think of Odin’s familiars Huginn and Muninn, as well as the sacred relationship the Morrigan carries to these wild beings.

It is within this meeting between wildness and friendship that I wanted to create a shawl that would hold the medicine of relationship with them that is best served in the wearing of a cloak or shawl rather than a pelt!

Within this weaving I have added bits of silver to represent the nature of these beings and their love for all things shiny, along with a single strand of tiny, shiny seashells.

If you look closely you will also see a little bit of dark blue to represent the blue that often shows up in the ravens feathers, as you can see in the images included here.

This cloak comes with a raven shawl pin and the drum with a beater made from black deer leather.

*I tend to only work with cotton and merino wool yarns as I find them softer and less itchy to wear.*

These pieces are big and designed to wrap fully around you with one end and fold over your shoulder.

The best/easiest thing to do if you are unsure about the size is to take your favourite shawl and measure it for comparison.

If you have a smaller frame and would like to have something custom made for you please pop over to my other site nikiahseeds.com and fill out the custom form there. Not only do I make pieces that are just the right size, but together we can craft a sacred cloak or ancestral shawl just for you based on your own personal magic.

The length of this shawl is: 82″ not counting the fringe and 91″ counting it. And the width is: 26″

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