Oak tree Essence

Oak tree Essence


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This Essence was made during the first full moon of Sept 2022.

What are Essences?

Essences are liquid, plant preparations made from the fresh flower blossoms, leaves or fauna of a plant that imprint into water their energetic essence.

They function much like homeopathy in that they are very diluted essences of the flower, tree or plant and only contain the essence or vibration.

Essences are powerful medicine in that, although subtle, they support us in strong and foundational ways.

These vibrational remedies were specifically created by Nikiah to not only support folks in their daily lives, but also to serve as a support for those working through her online course The Magic and Folklore of Trees.

In this course participants spend time getting to know The Magic and Folklore of powerful trees from the forest, but many do not actually have access to sit and spend time with these trees.

These essences will not only support folks emotionally, but they also give us the opportunity to tap into the vibrational essence of the trees themselves!

How can the Oak Tree Essence support us?

Oak essence supports those who work too hard, are exhausted both emotionally and physically. These folks can often also struggle to admit their limitations.

The mighty Oak is a beautiful vibrational medicine to help us when we do not feel strong and resilient and are in need of some extra support to carry us a little.

For when you are exhausted but feel driven to carry on regardless. This essence can also help us to be able to stop long enough to rest recharge.


Spring Water, Brandy, Mescal, Oak tree essence