Hawthorn Tree Essence-Crataegus sp

Hawthorn Tree Essence-Crataegus sp


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This Hawthorn Tree essence was made in the fall of 2022 from beautiful Hawthorn tree allies of the Pacific Northwest.

These essences were made to support those also taking The Magic and Folklore of Trees course but of course anyone wanting to work on a deeper level with the trees is welcome to take a bottle of these essences home!

What are Tree Essences?

Essences are liquid, plant preparations made from the fresh flower blossoms, leaves or fauna of a plant that imprint into water their energetic essence.

They function much like homeopathy in that they are very diluted essences of the flower, tree or plant and only contain the essence or vibration.

Essences are powerful medicine in that, although subtle, they support us in strong and foundational ways.

These vibrational remedies were specifically created by Nikiah to not only support folks in their daily lives, but also to serve as a support for those working through her online course The Magic and Folklore of Trees.

In this course participants spend time getting to know The Magic and Folklore of powerful trees from the forest, but many do not actually have access to sit and spend time with these trees.

These essences will not only support folks emotionally, but they also give us the opportunity to tap into the vibrational essence of the trees themselves!

How can the Hawthorn Tree Essence support us?

Hawthorn is one of my most favourite trees and essences to work with as it is a deep heart healer and guardian of the heart space.

This essence is a beautiful and gentle healer for anyone getting over any kind of grief or broken heartedness.

It is a beautiful guardian especially for empathic people and those of a sensitive nature, as it supports and helps to heal the heart as well as giving courage for what is needed next.

These trees have blooms in the summer and deep red berries in the fall, they also carry long thorns to guard against those who wish ill will, reminding us to have courage and set clear boundaries.

Hawthorn also supports us in cutting away illusions and bringing a sense of balance where needed.

In mythological lore about the Hawthorn we come to understand that it is an entryway to the otherworld and the fae folk are often associated with the Hawthorn, making it a beautiful ally to work with for any kind of journeying into the unseen realms.


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