Dreaming the Ancestors Back Home


Dreaming the Ancestors Back Home


This is a three part series consisting of four weeks per series, and is cumulative meaning that each one must be taken as a prerequisite to the next.

The course costs $330 per four week section: all three can be paid at once for a savings of $100.

Each section is four weeks in length; we will meet via Zoom once per week for 2 hours.

All classes will be recorded.

Small packages will be mailed out to each participant with materials for the class, so please be sure to add your correct mailing address at checkout!



This is a three part on-line/via Zoom course designed to be taken consecutively.

This is for you if:
~You have been wanting to connect with your ancestors for some time now but did not know where to start.
~Are adopted and curious about your ancestors.
~Would like to deepen your current spiritual practise by bringing the ancestors in.
~Know a little bit about your ancestors through genealogy or DNA testing but would like to know more.


Regardless of who our ancestors were or what our ancestral lineage may be, most of us find ourselves filled with a  longing for deeper wisdom’s that only our elders could have offered us. Sadly we are deeply lacking wise elders to help keep us in check and to pass on lineage traditions and wisdom teachings to us.

This is where having the ancestral understanding of where we come from, and the ability to journey into the spirit realm can serve to support us in understanding some of our inherited gifts and faults as we navigate ourselves into or along our destiny path.

I have spent more then a decade understanding how to navigate the spirit realm and working with my own ancestors for healing and support, and this has led me to the understanding that it is part of my destiny path to guide others how to unfold into their own destinies and deepen their connections with their ancestors. it is with great joy that I now bring this work to others.

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