Wyrd Weaving – Custom

Wyrd Weaving – Custom


Together we will dive into a creative process to create a custom piece to last a lifetime.

All my pieces  are made with your unique spiritual practices and being in mind, and are created to reflect aspects of that path and who you are.


• an initial 1.5 hour consultation via skype or zoom to chat
• selecting colours and textiles, length and style.

Following the initial consultation, I give you a custom quote on the price–which starts at $400.


The Process:

The process will begin with a deposit and then we will book a 1.5 hour consultation via zoom to chat and see if we are a good fit for each other, as this work is tender and often times vulnerable.

We will talk about your ancestors–and even if you were adopted and have no idea of your ancestry, we are still able to access this information via the spirit realm.

After talking for as long as we need about who you are, we will shift into what your hopes for your unique shawl are, we will discuss colours and textiles, length and style.

After this I will give you a custom quote on the price–which starts at $400 USD and is rarely over that price.

Once we begin the process I am all in, and will begin gathering textiles, unique fibres and colours for the project, also during this time if you yourself have fibres or other sacred things that you would like woven in you can mail them to me.

I am also a spinner and often will spin specific colours or fibres together so that our specific intention is woven in, this process is never the same twice and entirely unique to you.

Some examples are: Horse hair, strips of old quilts or clothing that was handed down and loved, any fibre you made yourself or has significant meaning for you, or charms you would like woven in or tied on after etc….

After this I will send you first a colour palate collage to see if I am on the right track and adjust according to your thoughts on it. In this I often include landscapes, and other aspects to create a potent sentiment for what we are creating together.

Once I begin I am usually in contact with you a LOT, I love to use whatsapp and send tons of photos as I go through the process. During this time dreams may become significant and both you and I together will keep track of any that come forward as being significant.

I also find that beautiful synchronicities start to happen once we enter into the process and many things start to show themselves, including boxes of old and special photographs being randomly found by family members, new information coming forward, feathers turning up on doorsteps, and unique and sacred fibres and charms making themselves apparent in support of the magic that is being woven into the piece.

Once the piece is completed, I work with my guides and your ancestors to ask for a ceremony or ritual for you to do to consecrate the piece and fully make it yours.

One of the important aspects of any weaving is a the process of wetting it, this binds the fibres together and makes the piece stronger.

With my first piece I knew right away that my ancestors wanted me to take it down to the river and soak it in the moving waters there, but for others the briny salty ocean calls, for some it is rain water, but no matter where the process happens even in an apartment in New York city, the ceremony is the same when done with deep intention.