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Tradition of Healers & Mystics- year 3

The call of Mastery.

Advanced Spirit work, Mastering our Destiny path and stepping into leadership.
On this path, each will deepen into their own destiny path and where they sit on the spectrum of healer, animist, mystic with a strong container being held within that call to understand where we are truly being called to be of service.
Deep space holding and mentorship happens at this stage as each develops a clear understanding of where they are going and begins to step out and into that unique realm.

Initiation is witnessed and held following a time of sitting on the land in ceremony and in communication with the spirits we work with.
For some a name may be taken at this time, and for some that name may be shared and others it may not.

Advanced skills offered here are:

​~Deposession, basic and advanced understandings of it.
~Advanced death walking and death work. Including end of life teachings as a death walker.
~Ceremonial teachings are offered here as skills for the work as a mystic and animist.
~Understanding our true names and reclaiming our place in our destiny walk.
~Build a healers bundle cosmology for working with others and ourselves.
~ Bone throwing and the divination of our ancestors.
~Path of our unique destiny and leadership: Within this each student is mentored in the path of their unique calling so that regardless of if or how leadership calls, they feel supported and held in that calling. 

My three years of learning within the Tradition of Healers and Mystics was profoundly life changing. I now walk a path that feels completely aligned with who I am and what I was born for.



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